1. Why choose Beyond the Elements, rather than some other special or topic?

When we started thinking about a Kickstarter campaign, we knew we wanted to focus on a particular upcoming special... and we immediately agreed that Beyond the Elements was the perfect place to start. Its predecessor, Hunting the Elements, was one of our most popular programs to date – over 10 million people have seen it. We frequently meet kids and adults who tell us how much they love it. Plus, David Pogue says that he’s often asked when he'll do a "sequel" to Hunting the Elements, so we know there's interest!

Plus, Beyond the Elements is relevant to all our lives. It's the story of how these little powerhouses called molecules have enabled the evolution of life as well as the very rise of human civilization and technology. It's one of the greatest stories ever told!

Above all, we believe Beyond the Elements will be a great example of NOVA doing what we do best: taking a concept that a lot of people find dry or inaccessible, and showing that it can be entertaining, inspiring, and fun!

2. When will Beyond the Elements air on television and stream online?

If this campaign is successful, we will begin researching and developing the stories right away. We've got pretty ambitious ideas for where we want to take you – and what we want to ask David Pogue to do in the name of science! When we go into pre-production depends on how much money we raise during this campaign. We will keep you all in the loop as we progress.

If everything goes as planned, our goal is to have Beyond the Elements ready to broadcast and stream online by Fall/Winter 2019. That could change, but if it does, we'll keep you informed. Plus, since you'll get regular updates throughout production, you'll always know what's going on!

3. Will backers get to watch it before everyone else?

We know that being a Kickstarter backer sometimes means getting to see the results before the rest of the world, but we believe that public media should be available to everyone simultaneously.

In fact, that's the reason we hope you'll join this campaign: To be a more direct part of our mission.

Don't worry, though: We're still excited to give our backers a different experience than the rest of the world, by keeping you involved, informed, and entertained while we're developing and producing the special! You’ll get to see exclusive, behind-the-scenes dispatches as the show takes shape, month by month. 

4. Is this special mainly for kids?

No, it's for everyone! Like all NOVA specials, we want Beyond the Elements to be for anyone who's curious about the world around them. And while David Pogue is often humorous enough to entertain younger viewers, he's also spent most of his career as a writer helping adults understand complicated concepts.

Of course, we've found that many specials, including Hunting the Elements, are especially useful to teachers and students. The topics covered in Hunting the Elements were the same as those in many first-semester chemistry classes; now, with Beyond the Elements, we'll be covering many of the topics needed for a full year of chemistry.