1. What happens if this Kickstarter succeeds and raises $200,000?

As our Kickstarter page says: if this campaign succeeds and we hit our minimum goal, the proceeds will support the making of Beyond the Elements, a two-hour broadcast special that will explore the amazing world of molecules. The special, hosted by David Pogue, will serve as a follow-up to Hunting the Elements.

2. Nice! But what happens if the Kickstarter doesn't reach the $200,000 goal? Will you cancel the special?

 If we don't reach our minimum goal of $200,000, we don't plan to give up on making Beyond the Elements. We will have to find alternate sources of funding, which means it could take us a lot longer to get started, and we won't have the same ability to devote resources to involving all of you. We're focused on making sure this campaign succeeds, because we want to do this with you.

3. I want to help the campaign, but I don't have a lot to contribute. What esle can I do?

Great question! There are a lot of ways to get involved in supporting NOVA's mission, especially during our month-long Kickstarter campaign. If you want to volunteer your time, effort and talent, we'd be thrilled (and honored!) to have you on our team. Just go to our Volunteer Page for more information, and to sign up.

4. Is my Kickstarter pledge tax-deductible?

Kickstarter pledges aren’t considered to be tax-deductible. Campaigns offer reward packages in exchange for pledges, and pledges are considered to be a transaction, rather than a donation. Here’s hoping that won’t change your mind if you had considered pledging -- even if it’s just $10!

5. Why is NOVA using crowdfunding now, for the first time?

Well, in a sense, we've been using crowdfunding longer than anyone! (In fact, public television might even have been the inspiration for the "mugs and tote bags" approach that so many Kickstarter campaigns now use.) So, we've always depended on broad support from the public.

If you're asking why we're using Kickstarter for the first time, the answer is simple: We've been watching the crowdfunding space for years, and are excited about the opportunity to bring together a huge community of people who share NOVA's vision and passions. We believe that we can make the world a better place if we Make Science for All.

6. Who receives the money I'm pledging?

The proceeds from your pledge (after the cost of your rewards and fees) will be contributed directly to WGBH, a leading public media content producer, and the creators of NOVA.

7. Don't PBS, my tax dollars, and member stations already fund NOVA? Why do you need more?

NOVA, like all public television series, is funded in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), PBS and its member stations, and "Viewers Like You" -- and a combination of grants, private gifts and corporate underwriting. The fact is, it's expensive to produce free, high-quality programming like Beyond the Elements. We're excited to experiment with direct crowdfunding, which also lets us connect directly with anyone who shares our mission.

Put more simply, we're not just on Kickstarter because we need funding. We're here because we need you, and we're excited to have the chance to meet and work directly with, and for, those of you who believe in the importance of public science programming.

8. How is joining this Kickstarter different from supporting my local PBS member station?

First, let's be clear: we absolutely encourage you to support your local PBS station, even if you don't have a lot to give. The health of our public media depends on local support from viewers like you – without it, NOVA wouldn't be on the air at all! So, whether you support this Kickstarter or not, we encourage you to support your local station.

This Kickstarter campaign, on the other hand, lets you make a specific, targeted contribution to NOVA's Beyond the Elements and support our ongoing mission to spread a love of science through engaging, accessible, free public broadcast programming... and in the process, it lets you get more directly involved in the NOVA community and mission.

9. Why is David Pogue the spokesperson for this campaign?

It's no secret that David is a master of explaining complicated concepts in a clear, entertaining way. He's more than proved it over the 16 NOVA programs he's hosted, the books he's written, and in his role as a tech critic for Yahoo. And, since he hosted Hunting the Elements and will return to host Beyond the Elements, we thought he'd be a perfect spokesman for this Kickstarter!

(Plus, he wants to help just as much as you do!)

10. Can I make an anonymous pledge?

No. The Federal Communications Commission requires that broadcasters “fully and fairly disclose the true identity” of all broadcast program funders. (See 47 CFR § 73.1212(e)). Broadcast program funders cannot be anonymous – so no anonymous names, online usernames, or pseudonyms will be permitted (e.g., “Johnny B.” or “username123@gmail.com” or “Anonymous Girl”)

11. What additional information will you need from me?

We will need your legal name and contact information. You will provide this to us in the post-campaign survey that you’ll receive.

12. Why did you re-launch the campaign with a lower goal? Is there actually enough interest to make this happen?

We have our theories about why we weren’t on track to $1 million the first time, but the truth is just that none of us could have predicted how far the campaign could go. There are a lot of active, pressing causes right now and many people are trying to figure out how they can support everything they believe in.

That being said, yes, we do believe that $200,000 is a reasonable goal and we feel confident we can hit it. Hundreds of people have told us since the beginning of the campaign that science literacy is incredibly important to them and that supporting NOVA is a direct expression of that value. Our success, however, will be largely dependent on our existing backers re-pledging on our new campaign page! Be sure to do that now so that you can continue to follow along and be a part of the conversation!

13. I backed the old campaign, If I back the new one, will I be charged twice?

No. You’ll only be charged if a campaign is successful. Since we’re ending the first campaign early, you won’t be charged. That’s why it’s essential that you re-pledge over on our new campaign page. You’ll be charged for that campaign if and when it meets its minimum goal on March 10. 

14. Why is the new goal $200,000? I thought you needed $1 million!

$1 million would have covered the full amount needed to produced Beyond the Elements. We believe $200,000 and several thousand backers will be enough to prove to other prospective funders that there’s enough interest to make the special happen sooner rather than later. Plus at $200,000 you still will have provided a significant portion of the funding, allowing us to give you behind the scenes access to the special’s production! Forging a connection with you has always been the driving force behind us doing a crowdfunding campaign!

We will make Beyond the Elements no matter what happens. Without a successful campaign, it will just be harder and take longer. The difference is - and always has been - you!