1. What is NOVA?

Now in its 44th season, NOVA is the most-watched primetime science series on American television, reaching an average of five million viewers weekly. Across a multitude of platforms, we tell fascinating stories about human ingenuity, exploration and the quest for knowledge. We demystify the concepts that shape and define life, our planet and the cosmos. We investigate the technological advances that are rapidly transforming our world. And above all, we fuel curiosity and challenge our audience to ask questions and seek answers.

2. What's the connection between NOVA, PBS and WGBH?

NOVA is produced by Boston’s public television station WGBH, the largest producer of public media content, and broadcast to over 300 PBS stations around the country each week.

3. What is David Pogue's role at NOVA?

David Pogue is a man of many talents, and over the years we’ve been lucky to have him host a variety of NOVA projects, including NOVA scienceNOW, the Making Stuff series, and the predecessor to this project, Hunting the Elements.

While David isn't an official staff member at NOVA, he's an invaluable part of our series, and he has an incredible talent for taking complicated and tricky science topics, and making them fun, accessible and entertaining for tens of millions of people. We're excited to have him with us on this adventure.